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Tiny Navajo Reads: Top Ten Favourite Books I Read in 2019

Hi guys! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! TTT was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Today is the New Year’s Eve and it’s the official last day of the year…what nonsense is this?! Where did my year go?! Granted, it’s been a very weird year, but that shouldn’t justify how quickly it has gone by…maybe it is true that time moves faster the older you get. Anyway, as you can see from the title of this post, today’s TTT is favourite books of 2019. I actually did this list two weeks ago, so I’m going to go with something else.

As it is the last day of the year, and we’re heading into a new year and a new decade, I’m going to pick my top ten anticipated books of 2020.

tweet cute

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord. I have a friend who was able to get a hold of an ARC for this book and she gushed to me about how good it is and that as soon as it’s published I need to read it. And while the premise sounds like a typical high school rom-com, it does have enough new ideas for me to be willing to try this.

the kingdom of black

The Kingdom of Black by Marie Lu. A dark historical fantasy story about two siblings who go by Mozart. One is the Mozart we know and admire for his music, the other is his sister who has a natural gift and talent for composing music, which she cannot pursue, as composing is not allowed for women in the 18th century.

the stormlight archive #4

The Stormlight Archive #4 by Brandon Sanderson. I. Am.So. EXCITED!!! for this book when it comes out. Another Sandersonite and I are planning on rereading the first three in order to know what’s what when this one comes out in November of next year. EXCITED!!!!

scavenge the stars

Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim. The premise sounds really good, a young woman out for revenge against the man that destroyed her family and her life. And the cover just looks so good! Yes, I do judge books by their covers.

deathless divide

Deathless Divide by Justina Ireland. A sequel to one of my favourite books of the last year, Deathless Divide follows Jane after the fall of the Summerland and she just wants to rest. To be left alone. But a girl raised to kill the risen dead, there isn’t going to be much rest.

No Cover Revealed

The Seven Sisters by Neil Gaiman. A sequel to Neverwhere?! I did not expect this and only found it because I was looking for books to be published in 2020. YES!!!

if i never met you

If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane. Okay…I don’t normally do contemporary or romances, but this one caught my eye and it actually sounded intriguing. So, this is one that I am actually looking forward to in the coming year that is outside of what I normally read.

don't read the comments

Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith. A book about gaming and the real world struggles some of these gamers go through. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do watch some on YouTube and I think this would be an interesting dive into a world few rarely get to see.

star daughter

Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar. A YA book based on Hindu culture and one that takes us to the stars. I love India and I’m always excited to read books that have basis in this part of the world.

a beautifully foolish endeavor

A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green. I read the first one and I loved it and now that there is a second one set in the same world as the first, I’m eager to return and see what else Hank Green has wrought for this world.

What books are you looking forward to being published in the New Year? Are you going to read them right away? Comment below and let me know!

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Tiny Navajo Reads: Thursday Three New Year’s Goals

Thursday Three: Three Bookish Goals for the New Year

Hey guys! It’s a Thursday Threes and today we’re talking about three bookish goals for both me and the blog this year! I’m trying to do better at bringing this blog to life and keeping an idea of what I read in. My. Head! Because of how fast I read, I tend to forget what I’ve read, so I’m working on it! Onto my goals for the year:

Keep a better commonplace book for all the books I read

Yes, as you guys have probably noticed, I read a LOT of books! And because I read a lot of books, I tend to forget what I’ve read once I move on to another book. This makes running a book blog hard when I can’t remember what I’ve read when it comes time to review. So, I’m going to keep a better commonplace book on the books I read this year in order to better write my reviews.

Read some more ARCs and review them in a timely manner

I’ve signed up for NetGalley in order to receive some ARCs to read and review. I do like being able to promote new books and new authors. I have actually received my first book, so be on the lookout for that review!

Enjoy what I read

I generally enjoy what I read, don’t get me wrong, unless it’s a book that I didn’t finish for just felt was not for me. But with enjoying what I read, I want to be able to remember what it is that I’m reading. I can remember reading books and I can remember enjoying them, but when someone asks me what I liked about the book, I blank. I can’t remember a single thing really. So, to better enjoy what I read, I’m going to try and read them a bit more slowly and keep a better record of what I’m reading.

Hopefully, as I work on these goals for this coming year, I’ll be able to put out better content for you guys and I’ll be able to better remember the books that I read. At least, that is the idea with these goals.

What are your goals for this upcoming year, bookish or otherwise? What do you plan on doing to keep up with your goals? Comment below and let me know!

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New Year, New Habits!

Hey guys! I know that I’ve been slacking a little since the new year started, so here is my blog post about what I would like to do concerning this blog as well as concerning my reviews.

Stack Of Books

I know that I don’t get a lot of views, but I love showing off the books that I read. I want to continue doing books reviews for books that I love, both old and new. This year, I plan on reading more books that I have read years earlier, as well as books new to me, even if they have been published in years previous.

I also want to get better at reviewing my books as well. I know that I read a lot, I know that I love the books I read, I am just not sure how to convey my enjoyment of the books, as well as why I enjoyed the book. I just feel like I ramble a bit in my reviews, yet don’t really say anything. If those of you who read this have any ideas how to improve my reviews, please let me know, because I need ideas. I was thinking about doing a simple rating system about things in the book, so you guys have an idea of what is in the book and if you want to read it or not.

I also want to be more involved books and this book community in general. I try to do the same on Tumblr, but I’m not so good at involving myself, so I’ll see what happens this year, and if I get any better at reviewing and involving myself.

So, yeah. That’s my new year, new habits, hopefully. I truly want to do better and hope that I do become a better blogger for it. If you guys have anything you think I could do better, comment below and let me know!