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Tiny Navajo Reads: Miles Morales

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis

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*Published August 18, 2015*

spiderman 1I had recently watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and I was so curious about who Miles Morales was, so I borrowed the these three volumes from my library. I’m going to review each one, and today is volume one.

Miles Morales takes up the mantle of the Ultimate Spider-Man! Before Peter Parker died, young Miles was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, a spider’s bite granted the teenager incredible arachnid-like powers. Now, Miles has been thrust into a world he doesn’t understand, with only gut instinct and a little thing called responsibility as his guides. Can he live up to Peter’s legacy as Spider-Man? As Miles grapples with his new life, Miles’ Uncle Aaron – a.k.a. the Prowler – learns his secret! He’s got plans for his nephew, but little does he know that the Scorpion is on his tail! Spider-Man story! COLLECTING Ultimate Fallout 4, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) 1-12, Spider-Men 1-5

Okay, going to be completely honest, I enjoy movie Miles better than comic Miles. But the comics give a view of Miles that the movie did not show, as it’s a movie. All the beats of the movie are in the comics, which makes sense. The biggest change was Uncle Aaron’s full personality. In the movie, once he realizes that Miles is the newest Spider-Man he starts to have second thoughts about going after Spider-Man. In the comics, Uncle Aaron takes this knowledge to try and start his own crime ring.

I will have to say, that I did enjoy these comics. We do see the Avengers and Nick Fury, we see a Spider-Man come in through a wormhole like the ones in the movie, but mostly I like seeing a young mixed teenager take in the mantle of Spider-Man and learn who he is as Spider-Man and what Miles Morales would do as Spider-Man, rather than what Peter Parker would do, or what anyone else do. Miles learns that he will and does make as good a Spider-Man as the original, as long as he acts like himself while doing so. And I do truly enjoy that about the comics, we see more growth from Miles.

What do you do when movies are based on comics/books? Do you read them, or just enjoy them for what they are? Comment below and let me know!