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Tiny Navajo Reads: Fables, Vol. 3: Storybook Love

Fables, Vol. 3: Storybook Love by Bill Willingham

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fables vol 3Thank you again to Clovis, my awesome co-worker, who lent me his copies of Fables after the first one cause I had to find out what happens next! Now, onto what blew me away about this volume.

Storybook Love has a few short stories, but the big story is Storybook Love where we find out that Bluebeard is not only shielding Goldilocks but he’s sleeping with her as well. The way we find this out is through the eyes of one of the Mounted “Mouse” Police from Smalltown, and as they try to make their escape to alert whoever sent them that Goldilocks has been found, she kills the mouse but the policeman is able to make his getaway. Bluebeard decides that they can no longer wait for the perfect time to implement his plan, so he kickstarts it by rewriting Snow White and Bigby’s memories to send them away from Fabletown and to place the blame on Jack of Tales.

When Snow White and Bigby come to a few days later, they find themselves in the backwoods with no clear memory of how they got there. As they try to make their way back, they realize that they are being hunted by someone and that they most likely won’t make it back to Fabletown unless they do something about whoever is hunting them. As they make plans to catch whoever is hunting them, we learn a little bit about Bigby and how some of his powers came from his father, the North Wind.

As Snow and Bigby figure out that it’s Goldilocks who’s hunting them, thus making what they need to do that much more difficult with how much we as mundanes “believe” in Goldilocks. But they do so, striking her with an axe to the head, a tire iron several times, as well as sending her over the edge of a cliff and that leads to her getting hit with a truck and ending up in a stream. That should kill just about anyone.

While this is going on in the backwoods, in Fabletown there is even more trouble. The Mouse Police have been captured, but refuse to talk. Prince Charming offers to interrogate them, though Bluebeard strives to be the one to continue the questioning. But when Prince Charming interrogates them, we find out he is the one that sent the Mouse Police in the first place. With this knowledge in hand, Prince Charming sets his own plans into action, the first part being getting rid of Bluebeard; the second part to get himself elected to Mayor of Fabletown in order to have access to all of the wealth that was left to Fabletown during at Bluebeard’s demise.

So many plans and so little time! At the end of this volume, we not only learn that Prince Charming seeks to gain access to all the wealth that was left to Fabletown, but that Snow White is now pregnant, which kind of kills the gentle vibe she and Bigby had started while trying to make their way back to Fabletown. Will everything survive? Or things start to progressively crumble around them as people plan on doing whatever it takes to be the one in power?

Have you ever read a comic series that gripped you hard and just didn’t let you go? What was it and why did it grip you? Comment below and let me know!

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