Tiny Navajo Reads: Budgeting 101

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March 25, 2020 by TinyNavajo

Budgeting 101: From Getting Out of Debt and Tracking Expenses to Setting Financial Goals and Building Your Savings, Your Essential Budgeting Guide by Michele Cagan

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*Published November 6, 2018*

budgeting 101When I read this book, my husband and I were contemplating heavily buying a house, and numbers are NOT my favourite things, so I knew that I would need to look into learning how to budget better. So, that is why I checked out this book from my library!

Don’t break the bank—learn to create and stick to a budget with this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to saving money sensibly in this edition of the popular 101 series.

Sometimes, it can seem like saving money is impossible. With everyday expenses, from groceries and gas, to the electric bill and lunch money, as well as those unexpected expenses, like car repairs and medical bills, getting—and keeping—control of your finances can feel overwhelming.

With Budgeting 101, you can start saving now. This clear and simple guide provides tons of practical advice for keeping track of your finances. With useful tips on setting financial goals, reducing debt, finding ways to save money, and creating and following a budget plan, you’ll have your dollars and cents under control in no time.

Why spend more of your hard-earned money on a financial advisor? Filled with expert advice on a wide range of the most common financial concerns and step-by-step instructions to managing your money both now and in the future, Budgeting 101 has you covered.

Honestly, this is what you would expect from budgeting book for beginners. It has some good exercises and things to start doing. Have I actually done them or implemented anything? NO!!! And we have a house now…but things seem to be going a bit better moneywise, I just have to make sure I keep track of all my money.

What are things that you are trying to do better? Are you trying to develop new habits? Comment below and let me know!

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