Tiny Navajo Reads: February Update


March 2, 2020 by TinyNavajo

Hey guys! Just wanted to give a little update to my reading this past month of February. The month of February went by super fast and all I can say is that even with the extra leap day, it’s a little weird how quickly March has come upon us.

Granted, I like March, because this is usually the first month of spring for me and the weather delivered in full yesterday! It was sunny, warm, and simply beautiful! I loved it and I even got to go for a run yesterday morning! It was great!February Update

Anyway, my reading for February. I know that I haven’t posted a lot, and I’m still only going to be posting when I have the time, but I promise to keep y’all in the loop. BUT! even though I haven’t posted a whole lot, I have READ a whole lot, so here is a rundown of what I’ve read in February.

I read a total of 16 books this past month, with 12 of them being manga/comics, 3 novels, and 1 audiobook. I read My Hero Academia vol. 7-15, Nemo: Heart of Ice, The Starless Sea, Beauty and the Werewolf, 84, Charing Cross Road, and Rakkety Tam.

As for my reading goals in general, I have turned in several books for points on NovelKnight’s Beat the Backlist 2020, as well as checked off a few of them from my BTB to-be-read list. I’m also very far ahead on my Goodreads challenge, having read 34 of 52 books. Granted, a LOT of those are mangas and comics, so fairly quick reads, but still reading nonetheless.

How are you guys doing on your reading goals for the year? How do you make time to achieve your reading goals? Comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Tiny Navajo Reads: February Update

  1. Jana T says:

    TBH I just read when I can and hope for the best in regards to my reading goals 😅 I’ve also gotten into a habit of reading specific books are different times of the day, which I think helps to keep me from getting burned out on any one book. For example, I always read nonfiction over breakfast, ARCs or ebooks with lunch, and whatever book I am most excited about at the moment in the afternoon. That way I can read several books at a time and make progress on all of them!

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