Tiny Navajo Reads: The War of the Realms

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January 6, 2020 by TinyNavajo

The War of the Realms by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Russell Dauterman

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*Published August 27, 2019*

the war of the realmsI finally FINALLY! read The War of the Realms, the final volume (to me) in the Mighty Thor series with Jane Foster as Thor. Such a great final volume and I loved seeing everything and everyone come together.

THE WAR OF THE REALMS is upon us! Malekith, king of the Dark Elves, has been conquering the Ten Realms and now has his sights set on the last one: Earth. And with armies of Frost Giants, Fire Goblins, trolls, angel warriors, Roxxon corporate soldiers, the Enchantress and the prince of lies himself, Loki, at his side, Malekith may just succeed. Asgardia is no more, Old Asgard is in ruins, and the majority of Asgardians are refugees on Earth. Now Thor and Earth’s heroes — including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and even such unlikely allies as Venom and Punisher — are all that stand in Malekith’s way! It’s an event five years in the making as the MIGHTY THOR creative team of writer Jason Aaron, artist Russell Dauterman and colorist Matthew Wilson reunite to save the Ten Realms!

It was a while back that I read this comic, so I honestly don’t remember a whole lot of what happened, other than it was awesome! Jane Foster comes back as Thor, as do many other iterations of Thor that show up. We also have just about every other character in the Marvel comic universe show up to fight against Malekith and his army as they crash into Earth. I do believe that is something that Marvel does really well with their comics, is they bring in so many characters and give all, if not equal time, at least decent time to get to see what everyone is doing.

My favourite part of this comic though was seeing Jane Foster become Thor again and to see her join other Thors in attacking Malekith and taking him down. It was just amazing!

What have been some of your favourite Marvel characters? Why are they your favourite characters? Comment below and let me know!

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