Tiny Navajo Reads: Food Wars! Vol. 6

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November 6, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Food Wars! Vol. 6 (Shokugeki no Soma #6) by Yuto Tsukuda

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*Published June 2, 2015*

food wars 6We continue our adventures in Food Wars! and reading this really makes me want to get just a 30 day free trial in order to watch the anime for this awesome manga!

The contestants for the Totsuki Institute’s annual Fall Classic have been chosen! A decades-old event, the Fall Classic has been the grand stage for fierce cooking battles for years. The chosen participants, each aiming to be crowned winner, begin their training! But as they do, someone special visits Polaris Dorm.

Honestly, for me, the best part about this volume is that Soma gets to have a battle between he and his father, like they used to do. Yes, Soma’s dad shows up at Polaris Dorms to see how he’s doing, and in typical Yukihara fashion, they have a family shokugeki. Soma has improved, even his dad and dormmates see it, but his father still beats him. In return, Soma’s dad gives him some advice to help him through the annual Fall Classic. Then he’s gone in a flash, off to cook around the world once again.

I like the interactions that Soma has with everyone around him, that’s where the heart of this series is, along with the food. And the food makes me drool, it truly does. I just need to read them again if just to get the recipes that show up in each volume.

Have you ever made the recipes that show up in books? How did they turn out? Comment below and let me know!

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