Tiny Navajo Reads: The Mighty Thor, Vol. 4

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August 30, 2019 by TinyNavajo

The Mighty Thor, Vol. 4: The War Thor by Jason Aaron

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*Published January 20, 2018*

the mighty thor 4This is one of the best versions of Thor I have read about: War Thor. This a Thor who can only hear the screams of victims and must bring war to those who have cause grief and pain to the innocent. But how will Mighty Thor take to War Thor?

Who is the new Ultimate Thor? The Ultimate Universe’s Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who wields it now? Ponder that question along with Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, as she faces the Ultimate team-up! War is coming to the Ten Realms – and when the Queen of Cinders sets them ablaze, even the combined might of not one, not two, but three Thors may not be enough to put out the flames! Meanwhile, Malekith’s army grows and the looming conflict reaches Asgard’s doorstep! But even the fire of Muspelheim pales beside the fury of the Ultimate Thor…and with his thunder comes his vengeance!

War Thor has come to bring war to the fires of Muspelheim where the Queen of Cinders has reigned. What tragedies can make a big friendly man who just hungers to become the War Thor? A Thor who hungers for war. Yeah, lots of rhyming there. BUT! I can emphasize with this Thor, who wants to destroy those who have brought war to his world.

There isn’t much else that I want to say, other than you need to read about War Thor.

What versions of Thor have you enjoyed so far? Why did you enjoy them? Comment below and let me know!

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