Tiny Navajo Reads: War of the Spark


June 26, 2019 by TinyNavajo

War of the Spark: Ravnica by Greg Weisman

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*Published April 23, 2019*

war of the sparkThe only reason I had this book in my possession is because a co-worker of mine knew that I was getting into D&D so he handed this to me and said, “I thought you would like these.” There was another, but it was a guide to the Tombs of Annihilation. But this book! This book! This book was fantastic!

Planeswalkers, powerful mages from many disparate realities, must unite against the elder dragon Nicol Bolas, who has claimed dominion over Ravnica and is perilously close to completing the spell that will grant him godhood. Now, as dozens of Planeswalkers fight alongside the Gatewatch–led by Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, and Gideon Jura–against Bolas and his relentless army of Eternals, nothing less than the fate of the multiverse is at stake.

This book knows just how to pull someone in who knows absolutely NOTHING of Magic: The Gathering, and still be able to pull them in with worldbuilding, magic, story, and characters. I have never played Magic: The Gathering, I know of it in the most basic sense, that it’s a tabletop card game and that I have some coworkers that play. That’s about it.

The story this book wove though, of the different types of magics in this multiverse, Planeswalkers who can shift from ‘verse to ‘verse, and how this all comes together at Ravninca, a place where an elder dragon has decided to make his last stance to become a god once again. Now, I will say this: you don’t get all the backstory to the characters in this book. You get just enough that you know what is going on as well as how this all affects the story. If you want more, you need to go online and read the lore and storybits to gain greater understanding.

Greg Weisman did so well writing this book that he actually has made me want to learn how to play Magic: The Gathering if just so I can learn more about these characters and the world they life in. I just need to start buying cards I guess, or at least talk to my friends who play and start figuring out what I need to do if I want to play.

What sorts of games that have books written about them have you read? Why did you read them? Comment below and let me know!

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