Tiny Navajo Reads: Thursday Three Years I’ve Been Blogging

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May 23, 2019 by TinyNavajo

GUYS. You. GUYS! I was looking through my blog archive and my very first blog post was made three years ago today! I cannot believe it! I’ve been blogging for three full years today. That’s a little weird to think about, but I will and that will be today’s Thursday Three Years that I’ve Been Blogging.

So, some things that I’ve learned from three years of blogging:

  1. It won’t always be happy or good. There were times when I truly didn’t feel in the mood to blog. Even about books, which, after my husband, are the love of my life. Part of the reason I actually started blogging was to give myself a space that was my own to review all the books I was reading for library school. It was a way for me to remember what I was reading, as I read enough and fast enough that I can literally forget what it was I read just a few weeks ago.
  2. I need to interact more with the community. I blog and I review a lot. I post at least once a day, but I don’t comment on others’ blogs. I don’t read many others’ blog posts. If I want to become a bigger part of the book blogger community, I need to interact with others more often. At least read others’ post and leave a comment more often.
  3. Numbers do no matter. At least, they don’t really matter to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a lot of people view my posts, I love it I see a huge bar for a certain day of how many people came to visit my site, and what they looked through. But I don’t actively strive to grow my numbers. If people want to follow me, and to read what I write, then I love it. But I don’t want people to follow me if they don’t want to. So, I’m glad to realize that numbers don’t mean as much to me as I thought they would.

So, that is three things that I’ve learned about myself and my blogging from the past three years. It’s always interesting to me to look back over a certain amount of time and to see what has changed. And I’m interested to see what the next three years will bring me and my blog. Why do you read my blog? Genuine curiosity here. What would you like me to write/read about more? Comment below and let me know!

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