Tiny Navajo Reads: Miles Morales, Vol. 3

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May 15, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 3 by Brian Michael Bendis

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*Published December 8, 2015*

miles moreales 3This is the last volume of Miles Morales, and it’s interesting to say the least as Miles has to deal with the fallout with his father and Peter Parker and Green Goblin seemingly coming back to life.

The Ultimate Spider-Man is back in action! Unfortunately, Galactus has arrived in the Ultimate Universe, and he hungers. Miles must undertake a dangerous trip to Galactus’ home universe if Earth has a chance of surviving this cataclysm! Then, Miles faces the worst villain from his predecessor’s past: the Green Goblin – the man who killed Peter Parker! But is Peter truly dead? As events unravel in surprising fashion, Spidey takes on Spidey – and only one of the two will rise! COLLECTING: CATACLYSM: ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN 1-3, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 200, MILES MORALES: THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 1-12

I honestly feel really bad for Miles in this one. The world as he knows is being destroyed by Galactus, which we do not see the end of! BOO!!! But we do get to see Peter Parker and the Green Goblin come back from the dead. Miles thinks at first that someone is playing a joke…or that he is hallucinating, but then Green Goblin shows up at Aunt May’s house to take out Spider-Man again. So, Miles does what Miles does best, he jumps in to take on the threat. But then Peter Parker joins the fight and we see that there may be something to what Green Goblin is saying, that all those who had been affected by the Ozcorp spiders may never die…or at least, that is the current theory, especially with Peter Parker coming back from the dead.

A lot of Miles’s issues this time around center around his dad…his dad who has told him time and time again that if Miles were ever to be a mutant to like any of the heroes they see around New York, it wouldn’t end well. And he proves that to be true.

I truly feel badly for Miles, he is abandoned by his father and he has to come to terms with it along with Peter Parker showing up again. He just seems to go through a lot. This is a darker version of Miles Morales compared to the movie version of Miles. Not that this is a bad thing, but it is a thing to keep in mind.

What changes do you like made from comic to movie? Are they good changes or bad changes? Comment below and let me know!

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