Tiny Navajo Reads: Miles Morales Vol. 2

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May 13, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2 by Brian Michael Bendis

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*Published October 20, 2015*

miles morales 2In this second volume, we see Miles work to become the superhero that he believes is needed, even if no one else wants/needs him. We also see what happens when those you love are caught in the crossfire you choose to be in.

Miles Morales is still getting used to being Spider-Man when Captain America makes him a very special offer. Is Miles really joining the Ultimates? With a wounded nation crying out for heroes, Miles Morales is determined to prove that he has what it takes! But when a terrifying new Venom symbiote surfaces, armed with the truth about the incident that gave the new Spider-Man his powers, Spidey might have just made his first true archenemy. COLLECTING: ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN (2011) 13-28, 16.1

I think this is the volume where we see Miles grow and change the most, both for good and for bad. We see Miles become Spider-Man, a Spider-Man that is needed, but one that is rejected on several levels because of how young he is. When Miles is offered the chance to join the Ultimates, he jumps at the chance to prove that he can be Spider-Man. It all comes crashing down on his head though when a new Venom symbiote surfaces with info about Miles’s creation and what it means for him, the Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, and Norman Ozborn’s Green Goblin. It leads to the death of a family member, someone who would have believed in Miles indefinitely. It also leads to the injury of another, causing Miles to doubt who he is and what it means to be Spider-Man.

We see Miles vacillate between believing that what he is doing is for the greater good and that he can truly be a superhero to turning his back on being Spider-Man for the pain and trouble that it has not only brought him, but his family has well. Most times when we see superheroes, they are already adults with some of their life in order. Miles is literally just a kid, he was 11 when he got bit and received his powers and I believe 13 when he fully became Spider-Man. A kid who loses a parent, another is injured and he still has to go through puberty all while trying to be Spider-Man?! That’s asking a lot of someone, even when they aren’t Spider-Man.

I think what I liked most about this is that we see Miles go through so much that I would not even blink an eye if he decided that he needed to get away from New York, away from this place of superheroes, and just decide to be a kid. No one needs that much responsibility from such a young age, an age where you barely know what going on inside of you even without the spider bite to make you into Spider-Man. Yet, Miles Morales chooses to continue. He chooses to be Spider-Man. He CHOOSES to do what he thinks will best help his home that is to pull on the mask and save those he can.

What have you chosen to do that would have crushed you? Why did you choose to do so? Don’t comment on this one if you don’t want, this being a bit more personal. But do think about it and what it has brought you in your life.


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