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May 1, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Abhorsen (Abhorsen #3) by Garth Nix, narrated by Tim Curry

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

*Published April 8, 2003*

abhorsenOh my gosh!!!! That fricken’ cliffhanger from the last book, I was ecstatic that Overdrive had an audiobook copy ready for me right away! YES!!!

The Ninth was strong
and fought with might,
But lone Orannis
was put out of the light,
Broken in two
and buried under hill,
Forever to lie there,
wishing us ill.
So says the song. But Orannis, the Destroyer, is no longer buried under hill. It has been freed from its subterranean prison and now seeks to escape the silver hemispheres, the final barrier to the unleashing of its terrible powers.

Only Lirael, newly come into her inheritance as the Abhorsen-in-Waiting, has any chance of stopping the Destroyer. She and her companions — Sam, the Disreputable Dog, and Mogget — have to take that chance. For the Destroyer is the enemy of all Life, and it must be stopped, though Lirael does not know how.

To make matters worse, Sam’s best friend, Nick, is helping the Destroyer, as are the necromancer Hedge and the Greater Dead Chlorr, and there has been no word from the Abhorsen Sabriel or King Touchstone.

Everything depends upon Lirael. A heavy, perhaps even impossible burden for a young woman who just days ago was merely a Second Assistant Librarian. With only a vision from the Clayr to guide her, and the rather mixed help of her companions, Lirael must search in both Life and Death for some means to defeat the Destroyer.

Before it is too late. . .

We pick up right where Lirael left off and thank goodness! It’s up to Lirael and Sam, along with their companions the Disreputable Dog and Mogget, have to deal not only with their new destinies as the Abhorsen-in-Waiting and the heir to the Wall-Makers. Not only that, they have to deal with Sam’s friend Nick and his unwitting help to releasing the Destroyer.

While Lirael and Sam struggle to find a way to not only rescue Nick, but keep the Destroyer from escaping his prison not only destroying the Old Kingdom, but all of the world and life itself on this world. But Lirael not only figures out how to do all of these things, but she figures out that she is able to do far more at an Abhorsen-in-Waiting, then she would have as a Clayr, though she still desperately wants to belong to her family.

I think what I enjoyed most about this book was not only did we see both Sam and Lirael grow up just a little bit more and learn that what was expected of them, or what they expected of themselves, is not always correct and their lives could be leading them done a much better path. We also see Lirael come to terms that she is the Abhorsen-in-Waiting and as such will never completely be a Daughter of the Clayr the way she wants to be. She will always be a member of that giant family, but she will never have the sight and she starts to come to terms with it as she starts to venture through Death to learn more about her destiny and how to stop the Destroyer as well. It will take all that she has, and then some in order to prevent what is going to happen.

I loved this is third book and it was so well written, even if there was a cliffhanger to get you to read it. I also enjoyed that we got to see Lirael and Sam come to terms with their new titles and what it means for them not only as themselves but for the Old Kingdom as well. I also enjoyed listening to Tim Curry narrate. He has become one of my favorite narrators and I need to see if there are any more books with him narrating that I might be willing to try out.

What do you like about audiobooks? What turns you to or from them? Comment below and let me know! Also, recommend a great audiobook, I’m always looking for suggestions!

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  1. […] The fifth in the Abhorsen series (I skipped the fourth book, I just wanted to read more about Lirael), and I was interested to see what was going on after Lirael had bound the Destroyer in the last book. […]


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