Tiny Navajo Reads: Sourdough


March 6, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Sourdough by Robin Sloan

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

*Published September 5, 2017*

sourdoughOh. My. Gosh! I love this book! It made me want to learn how to bake sourdough bread! I also need to learn how to make sourdough bread!

Lois Clary, a software engineer at a San Francisco robotics company, codes all day and collapses at night. When her favourite sandwich shop closes up, the owners leave her with the starter for their mouthwatering sourdough bread.
Lois becomes the unlikely hero tasked to care for it, bake with it and keep this needy colony of microorganisms alive.  Soon she is baking loaves daily and taking them to the farmer’s market, where an exclusive close-knit club runs the show.
When Lois discovers another, more secret market, aiming to fuse food and technology, a whole other world opens up. But who are these people, exactly?

Robin Sloan has only written two books so far and I love them both! But this one, Sourdough, makes me want to learn how to bake sourdough bread! Like so so much! That in my own opinion is the best thing writing can do, is make you want to learn something new, especially if it’s something you haven’t really tried before.

Lois discovers that her job in a tech company is not exactly what she wants in life. But then she discovers a take out place that has some of the best food she has ever eaten. Then, worse thing ever, the brothers that create her favorite take out have to go back to their home country. They leave her a gift: a sourdough starter. They show her how to use it to bake bread and when she starts to bake her own bread, she starts to fall in love with it. So much so that she applies to the local farmer’s market and gets accepted to a weird little market that works with technology.

I think my favorite thing about this book, other than it makes me want to learn how to bake sourdough bread, is that it shows you how much going back to basics can actually help a person. Lois finds out that once she starts to make her own food, rather than relying on Slurry, it shows her how much she had been essentially missing in her life. Even her social life grows once she starts making her own food. She literally grows into the person she is supposed to be. I truly love this and I give the 5 diamonds because I want to learn how to make this delicious sourdough bread!

Have you ever read a book that makes you want to learn how to do something? How did that go for you? Comment below and let me know!

7 thoughts on “Tiny Navajo Reads: Sourdough

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  3. […] is curious. It something that I love in myself and in those who I associate with and Lois from Sourdough is a very curious person. She learns how to make sourdough bread and then it proceeds to take over […]


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