Tiny Navajo Reads: Fruits Basket Vol. 4

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February 22, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol. 4 by Natsuki Takaya

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*Published August 30, 2016*

fruits basket 4Yay! Another Fruits Basket! And I love the cover for this one, Momiji is just so damn adorable! Oh my goodness! And I just love this series, so we’re heading straight to the review!

Tohru Honda’s cheerful optimism acts as a balm to many in the Sohma family, who are no strangers to darker emotions. With Tohru in the mix, the household passes its days in relative harmony, even having Kisa over for a “sleepover” and some good old fun. Unfortunately, not every Sohma looks kindly upon the intrepid interloper! Kisa and Tohru have become fast friends, but sharp-tongued middle schooler Hiro Sohma isn’t too happy about this turn of events–and decides to take it out on Tohru?! Later, as everyone’s thoughts turn to summer and fall, the normally docile Hatsuharu suddenly snaps, turning into a raging bull at school and putting even “Black Haru” to shame. Will Tohru’s soothing presence have any effect at all?!

In this volume, we see how much Tohru is able to be a bit of a calming tea for almost every single Sohma that she meets. It’s when she meets a little middle-schooler name Hiro that her calming presence doesn’t calm so much as annoy him and send her freaking out just a little. And who wouldn’t when a middle-schooler acts as though he’s the smartest person in the world?

As Tohru and Kisa try to figure out why Hiro is acting the way he is that we find out that he’s actually jealous of Tohru because she is able to make Kisa smile again. Once Hiro acknowledges that he’s jealous of Tohru and Kisa’s friendship, Kisa is able to talk to him about what’s he doing and they are actually able to talk! YAY!!!

I think a major shock to everyone though is when Haru not only turns into “Black” Haru at school, but he completely destroys his and Momiji’s classroom in the process. As Tohru and the rest of the school’s Sohma’s try to figure out why Haru has turned so dangerously. And apparently, pouring water on someone’s head will bring them back to their senses as that’s what happens, but once Haru has turned “White” again, we find out that someone that Haru has been dating has now dumped and he’s not quite sure why.

Overall, there is dramadramadrama…so much Sohma drama. But what’s also so interesting to me about this is that Tohru is able to take a lot of this in stride. Granted, that’s how she is written, but her background gives her reasons as to why she acts the way she does and for how quickly she has integrated into the Sohma household.

Do you believe that characters can be written too perfectly? What do you do when that happens? Comment below and let me know!

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