Tiny Navajo Reads: Library Wars, Vol. 8

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January 18, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 8 by Kiiro Yumi

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*Published September 4, 2012*

library wars 8We’re officially halfway through this series! Whoo! And it’s been an interesting ride, but I’m loving it so far! Thank you again to my coworker/friend/fellow conspirator Megan for introducing me to this awesome series!

In the near future, the federal government creates a committee to rid society of books it deems unsuitable. The libraries vow to protect their collections, and with the help of local governments, form a military group to defend themselves–the Library Forces!

The Media Betterment Committee’s inquiry into Iku’s role in the so-called book burning continues, and an evil conspiracy comes to light. Someone on the team is deliberately manipulating Iku, and even her attraction to Dojo becomes fodder for the fight! Will Iku ever understand Dojo’s feelings for her?

This was a heavy episode…Kasahara is accused of having a role the book-burning that happened on library grounds, her association and feelings for Dojo are being used against her, and everyone that works at the library, other than her friends and her squad are giving her the evil stink eye and the cold shoulder. It’s amazing what happens when someone thinks you did something when you actually didn’t. You get to see who your real friends truly are, as they help you out in your time of need. You also see who doesn’t know you or want to know you. They will gladly throw you under the bus if only to say they knew all along you weren’t a good egg.

For Kasahara, someone who truly loves the library and doesn’t believe in censoring, to be told not only by the committee’s words but by your coworkers’ actions that they don’t believe you love the love, it’s a hard thing. To not be believed that you are not the person you actually are, whether it’s in work or your home life or in your social life. What I love about this though is that we see Kasahara stand strong. We also see her lean on her friends, especially when her coworkers’ actions become too hard for her to handle. We see more of Kasahara’s strength, not only in herself but in her friends as well.

Do you have friends you can count on when things seem their absolute worst? How do they help you? Comment below and let me know!

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