Tiny Navajo Reads: Thursday Three Books-to-Film


January 10, 2019 by TinyNavajo

Thursday Threes: Books-to-Film I Enjoyed

Hi again guys! It’s Thursday and that means that today we are discussing three movies based off of films that I actually enjoyed! For me, at least, it’s rare to find a film based off a book that I actually enjoy more than the book. Or at least enjoy as much as the book. So when I do find them, I tend enjoy them even more than I would have if it was just a movie. But I also try to make it a point, moreso now than when I was younger, to read the book first and then watch the movie, that way the movie doesn’t spoil the movie for me. Here are my three books-to-film that I enjoyed!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen

Okay, this one I did not to expect to enjoy as much as I did, which is more than the book. The reason for this is because the movie felt like it had more of an actual plot line, for me. The book was fantastic! don’t get me wrong, I loved the book, but the movie had a swashbuckling adventure tone to it that I simply loved watching. Which reminds me, I may need to watch it again soon!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

I love the fourth Harry Potter book better, but for the movie, the third movie was all that it was supposed to be when you compare it to the others. This was the movie where Harry looked like he was supposed too, with his messy hair and everything. I also liked that we got to see how time-turners work and I liked the small changes they made, like having Hermione punch Draco Malfoy, rather than slapping him. Just, a well done movie all around in my opinion.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

The movie was trippy! I first watched this college with my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time. He had gotten it as a birthday present from his parents and he invited me over to watch it at his apartment. Such. A. Trippy. Movie! In a good way! I love the design of the movie and it made it feel that much more alive when compared to the book, which I read in graphic novel format about 2 years ago. I had also read the original novel back in high school, but I didn’t remember much about it at the time. What I liked was that the movie characters looked ridiculously proportioned and out of sync with their world almost. The graphic novel made them look too human for it to be real, in my mind.

So, what side of the debate do you fall on? Do you read the books first, or does it not matter to you? And when you do watch the movies, do you compare it to its source material or is it its own separate construct? Comment below and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Tiny Navajo Reads: Thursday Three Books-to-Film

  1. Such a great idea for a post:-D and will definetly check out tje pride and prejudice movie, sounds awesome


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