Tiny Navajo Reads: Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For

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November 20, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’m Thankful For

Yes, it is the third Tuesday of the month and it’s also the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so today’s Top Ten is about the top ten things that I’m thankful for, both bookish and non-bookish! Now, these are not in any particular order, these are just things that I’m thankful for!

This Blog

Yes, this blog! I’ve always wanted to start a book blog and I have started and stopped several times in many years, but thanks both to my Tumblr and library school, I was able to finally start this blog and keep it going. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring why I enjoyed certain books and why I haven’t enjoyed some as much as others. I can actually articulate WHY I like something and it’s awesome!

My Tumblr

Yes, my booklr tumblr, I am very thankful for it because without it I wouldn’t have been able to start this blog. It gave me an idea of what to do for a specific focus of blogging. And I was also able to start getting to know the book-blogging community! YAY!

My Public Library

I love my library, 1. because it’s where I work and where I truly figured out what my career/mission in life is going to be: a librarian! And 2. I can check out all the books that I want and not worry about trying to buy all the new books! You would not believe how much money I would spend on books between the time I graduated college and moved to my current city. So. Much. Money. It was not funny. But once I got situated in a library and I’m basically there every day, I can check out books and read them and enjoy them and then give them back and let others enjoy them!


Yes, I am married and I am so thankful for my husband! He has been my rock and my foundation these past six years and I love how much of a cheerleader he is for me. He’s encouraged me to go to library school and get my Masters degree. He’s encouraging me to find where I want to work full-time and he’ll follow me. He’s the just the most amazing man and I love him!


Yes, I am very thankful for audiobooks! They have saved my butt multiple times, especially when driving on long car trips. I also listen to audiobooks when I’m exercising, so that not only does it go by faster but I get more done as well because I’m almost more focused on what’s happening in my book than what I’m doing at the gym.


I am so grateful for technology! It’s part of my job, helping people understand and become more comfortable with their technology. But I’m also grateful for it because it allows me to stay connected with my family from Idaho to Alaska to India. It allows me to stay connected with my husband when he’s at work and I’m at home. It’s also what’s allowing me to talk to you guys all the time right now.


Yeah, I’ve already talked about audiobooks, but I also have to talk about ebooks because when I want to carry a major load of books, but not each physical copy, I love my ebooks. I have an iPad because of my awesome husband and I have multiple platforms with lots and lots of ebooks. I can also check out ebooks from the two library systems that are nearby and I love it! I can literally download an ebook and start reading it immediately!


Yeah, I have an iPad and I have mentioned it, but it is something that I am so grateful for. It was my Christmas gift last year, and it has been one of the most useful things I have. I have my swarms of ebooks; I can check up on WordPress; I have some games I can play; I have audiobooks; it’s honestly the best thing that I have because it’s a part of how I keep track of everything.


Yeah, I have a major sweet tooth and I love finding new types of candy, especially when it’s an actual fruit candy. I found candied ginger today and it’s delicious!

My family

I love my family, truly I do. I live far away from them and I love that I can call them and it’s like I haven’t left. But I have and I love that they encourage me to live my life the best that I can.

These are the top ten things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving week! And that’s something I try to do each year, is to remember that I have many things to be thankful for. Now, what are you guys thankful for? What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Comment below and let me know!

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