Tiny Navajo Reads: Top Ten Places to Read

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October 23, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Top Ten Tuesday: Places to Read

It’s Tuesday here again at Tiny Navajo Reads, and today I will be talking about the top ten places I love to read. And I have a lot of places that I’ve loved to read in throughout my life, because of how long I can remember reading.

  1. My little porch balcony here in my city! I love this little porch and it was a great incentive for me when I came out here looking for an apartment for my husband and I. I love reading outside and being up high where I can watch what’s going on in my neighborhood.
  2. At the park under a tree. I love reading outside. I just love being outside, I need sunlight and if I can get sunlight while doing my favorite activity, I will do it!
  3. In the back seat of a car during a road trip. I am probably one of the worst people to go on a road trip with as I am most content to sit in the back seat and read. I will get into the car, get my pack situated, pull out my book and then discover that we’ve made it to our destination several hours later.
  4. Any time traveling. Yes, even when I’m traveling on vacation, I want to read. I just got back from vacation with my husband where we flew to Orlando and our trip to Disney World. On the two flights we had, I was reading. Yep. Even when making our way to Disney World I still took time to read.
  5. In a sunlit window. Back when I was living in Utah working on my undergrad, there was a few specific places you could find me and where I would usually be reading. The one that comes to mind most is this huge window, basically the wall on the second floor of the student center. It faced south and in the winter especially there would be swathes of sunlight and I would go sit in the chairs that were in front of the window for however long I could before my next class.
  6. My husband’s armchair. Yep, it’s what I’m sitting in right now actually, but it’s one of my favorite places to read when it gets cold and chilly outside. I’m warm and safe and the chair feels like a wonderful friend, especially if I have my blanket.
  7. The library. Yes, a little cliché but I love reading at the library. Again, when I was at college I would go to the library to study, but if I had a large block of time in between classes then I would go to the campus library, go to the 4th floor,head to the foreign language section, find a desk near a window and read.
  8. My in-laws front porch. I love my in-laws home, they are situated in such a way that the front porch as excellent access to the west, so in the afternoon and evening it is one of my favorite places to sit and read because sunlight and outdoors and comfy chairs.
  9. When I go running. Sounds weird but let me explain. I love to run now, more so than I used to. The reason for that is because I’ve found a way to entertain myself and distract myself from what I’m doing. I listen to audiobooks as I run, so I am reading. Some of my favorite books, I’ve only listened to; I haven’t actually read them.
  10. Anywhere there is sunlight. Yes, a small cop out but one that I’ll explain. In all of my life, I remember reading. But my most memorable time reading have been when I have found a patch of sunlight and pulled out my book to just start reading.

Reading has always been a part of my life, so it would make sense that I would have a lot of places where I like to read. But what are some of your favorite places to read? Why do you like those places? Comment below and let me know!

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