Tiny Navajo Reads: ArchEnemy


October 19, 2018 by TinyNavajo

ArchEnemy by Frank Beddor

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊

*Published October 14, 2010*

archenemyThe third and final book in The Looking Glass Wars series, which I just talked about yesterday in my Thursday Threes: Trilogies post, but I need to actually review the book itself.

In this final book, we’ve started right where we left off. WILMA, the weapon created by King Arch to defeat Imagination, has been set off by Hatter Madigan on orders of Queen Alyss. The Heart Crystal is fully depleted and Alyss and Redd have no way of defending themselves. With Imagination gone, Unimaginists have started to create rallies where the House of Clubs are rounding of the depleted Imaginationists and placing them in essentially concentration camps. Everything seems to be going wrong for Alyss and her allies and now they have to worry about King Arch moving forward and taking over Wonderland. But when the caterpillar oracles start to talk not only to Arch, but to Molly and Alyss as well, the Wonderlandians have to figure out what to do next in order to keep their country free from Arch’s tyranny.

I would have to say that this was a good ending to a series about Alyss being the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. I enjoyed this book series being about Alyss and her return to Wonderland, rather than Alyss going to Wonderland and talking about it and being placed in an insane asylum. Much more satisfactory in my opinion. Now, I have read several different Alice in Wonderland retellings, this has been one of the kindest ones. Other have been about Alice going crazy or the world being dystopian and the names of the characters just turn into bad people. So, I’m glad this one wasn’t about Alyss being crazy.

What retellings are ones that you like the most? Are they darker retellings or relatively the same? Comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Tiny Navajo Reads: ArchEnemy

  1. […] month, and I do believe I got a few books read that I stated I would. The first book in October was ArchEnemy, the last of The Looking Glass War series, then Trail of Lightning, a wonderful debut of a Native […]


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