Tiny Navajo Reads: The Maze Runner


September 20, 2018 by TinyNavajo

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

♦ ♦ ♦ ◊ ◊

*Published August 24, 2010*

maze runnerThis was on my 2018 Beat the Backlist challenge by NovelKnight, and that’s really the only reason I read this book. It was interesting, I will give it that. I liked this type of dystopian, but it didn’t really take me into a world that was extraordinarily different.

The first thing that Thomas sees when he wakes up is that he is in an elevator shaft and he has no solid memories, other than his name. When he comes up, he’s surrounded by boys, all around his age and been living in the Glade for quite some time. As he gets used to his new living situation, Thomas realizes that there’s a lot going on here that is not right but also feels familiar at the same time.

But when a girl comes up the elevator shaft, the first girl ever to come up the shaft, things take a turn for the worst. The doors that open to the maze the Runners try to solve each day; to solve the maze, they can hopefully get home, a home none of them no longer remember. But as the doors remain open at night, and the monsters that live there start to invade their safe space, the Glade. All of this starts to set off a chain reaction in Thomas’s mind, and he thinks he may be able to save the Gladers, if only he could remember what he’s supposed to do.

Now, overall, I did like this book. It turned out better than I thought it would. The problem though is that this is a dystopian book and that’s all that really is. There’s nothing amazing or fantastic, or mindblowing about it all. It was just a great adventure book in my book, but I’m not so invested as it read the rest of the books. Or if I do, I’ll borrow them from the library, rather than buy them myself.

What books from a certain time (dystopian, vampire craze, etc.) have you read? Did you enjoy them? Why or why not? Comment below and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Navajo Reads: The Maze Runner

  1. Great review! I’ve only seen the movie of this book and also thought it cool, but not extremely interesting per se. I’ve always loved dystopian novels, but have very few from the craze actually. At a certain moment, it started to annoy me that the books were more about love triangles than ending a dystopian world, although some of them are good nonetheless. I liked the hunger games. I also love the classics though such as 1984, the handmaid’s tale and brave new world.

    And you?


    • TinyNavajo says:

      I honestly have read that many dystopian novels. Those that I have read are those that are from more recent publications or were required reading in high school so I was NOT a fan of them. I do have The Handmaid’s Tale on my TBR list for “someday,” but we’ll see whenever I actually get to that particular book.

      I have all of The Hunger Games series, as well as The Divergent series. I actually remember liking the ending to the Divergent series, it was something that I was not expecting to happen!


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