Tiny Navajo Update: New Orleans ALA

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June 27, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Okay, guys, I’m officially back from New Orleans and the American Library Association Conference that was held there, and it was AMAZING! I was there for 3 full days and 2 partial days. And for those 3 days, I did so much! I was surprised at how much there was to do as well as to see! There…was just so much!

So, the first thing that I was able to do in New Orleans was to eat. I was told by everyone that I need to eat all of the food while I was there. So, the first night I had gumbo, jambalaya, and crawdad etouffee. I discovered that I liked gumbo the most that night. Then the first day of the conference, I not only got to go to a graphic novel panel, I also got to see Michelle Obama speak, and oh my lord! Just listening to her made me wish I had paid more attention to when the Obama’s were in office. She talked about the memoir she’s writing as well as talking about, the books she’s reading, the power of libraries, and a lot of other things that I, sadly, don’t remember.

The second day of the conference, I was not able to wander the exhibit hall and FIND. ALL. THE. BOOKS.  Holy Moses, there was so many free books, and ARCs, and giveaways and everything else! I brought back at least 2 bags of books to read and review for a bit. So, no new books will need to be bought for a while, but for me, I will most likely still buy some books. I was also able to see an early showing of “the public,” a movie about public libraries and their interaction with homeless populations. It was superbly done and those of us there in the viewing were able to participate in a Q&A with Emilio Estevez, who created and starred in the movie. That was great!

The third day of the conference, I used that day to just wander around the exhibit hall and the job fair that was going on during the conference. It was interesting, and it helped me as well as I was able to better write my resume to libraries that are hiring. I was found a booth in the exhibit hall of Navajo jewelry designers. It was nice to see “cousins” there and be able to talk to them some as well. I was also able to find books for my mom as well, so good news all around.

The last day of the conference was also the day I had to leave to make it back home on time, I didn’t really go to the conference, but it was good. These past few days of being in a new place is always a fun thing for me, especially in a city where I have never been whatsoever. I especially loved being able to try all the food! I discovered that I love red beans and rice! With gator sausage! So good! I also discovered beignets, which are the best fluffy pastry covered in powdered sugar that I have ever eaten! I had them twice in one day and it was so good!!!

All in all, ALA was amazing, as was the city of New Orleans! I’m glad that I was able to go and visit that beautiful city and be able to experience all that ALA has to offer. I will hopefully be able to go again. And I’ll hopefully have pictures for you soon!

Talk to you all later,


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