Tiny Navajo Reads: Dark Triumph

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June 15, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

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dark triumphThe second in His Fair Assassin series, the first which I reviewed Wednesday, Dark Triumph is about Sybella, and where she had disappeared to in the first book. We see why she was ready to end her life when we first meet her, and we see why she truly needed to know that St. Mortain is her father.

Throughout this book, Sybella was forced back to the life that nearly killed her, at the request of the convent, even though they know this was the reason why she was at the convent in the first place. Her father, being the Lord D’Albert, a Breton noble who seeks to have the hand of the Duchess in order to have control over the court. She knows the history of her family’s court, and she knows what will happen should D’Albert achieve his desire of marrying the Duchess.

As Sybella seeks to carry out St. Mortain’s will, or what the convent has told her is St. Mortain’s will, she finds that she doesn’t quite know who to believe. When she decides to get herself out of her father’s court, she finds an unexpected person in the dungeons. A person the convent ordered her to rescue. As she does, she can’t figure out if she’s following Mortain’s will or the convent’s will. She and the man she was supposed to rescue make their way back to the Duchess, Sybella comes to realize that what someone wants may not be what’s best for her. Especially if it destroys her own mind.

I actually liked this second book better, Sybella and Beast felt much more realistic than Ismae and Duval. The emotional and psychological damage of Sybella felt real. Granted, I have no idea what that sort of damage feels like, this could be completely off course. But I liked this story so much better. I just need to read the final book now…and that requires me to find it somewhere…

What book series have you read where you enjoyed the later books instead of the first book? Comment below and let me know!

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