Tiny Navajo Reads: Mystery Girl Vol. 1

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June 6, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Mystery Girl Vol. 1 by Paul Tobin

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ◊

mystery girlThe only reason I had this comic is because I was able to get it as a free copy after buying a comic on my Kindle and this was the only one that really sounded interesting. And I’m really glad that I did get it, I truly enjoyed it!

Mystery Girl, or Trine Hampstead as her friends know her, knows everything. You come to her with a question, and she will be able to answer your question without any other information. The only question she cannot answer, the only thing she does not know, is how she came to be able to know everything. She has no idea how she got this impressive power, but that’s a mystery for her to solve another day.

Today’s mystery to solve is how are there wooly mammoths that are perfectly preserved in Siberia? Trine knows immediately how there are perfectly preserved wooly mammoths, but what she does is surprise all of New York friends by insisting she come along the journey to Siberia to find the wooly mammoths. As she leaves New York, Trine is also followed by a vicious killer who is coming after her for reasons she does not know. But she will know soon; as she always does.

I truly enjoyed this comic and it seems to have only the one volume, unfortunately. I would love to read the second volume to find out more about Trine and her life and her power to know everything. And I love Trine and her friends that accept her and her power to know everything, for what it is: almost a blessing, almost a curse.

What single-volume comic have you read has been one of your favorites? Was it meant to be a single volume or did it just end in that way? Comment below and let me know!

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