Tiny Navajo Reads: May Wrap-Up

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June 4, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Yep, we have finished the fifth month of the year, my birthday month, and I am again behind on reviews. So, I’ll let you know what I’ve been reading, but there’s no guarentee that I’ll review everything that I’ve read this past month, but you can see what I’ve read over on my Goodreads page and keep up with how fast I’m reading as well. Now, onto what I’ve read!Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 11.56.10 AM

In this wonderful month of May, I’ve read a total of 18 books, with half of them being comics and graphic novels; the rest are either series or stand-alone books. A lot of my books were about girls taking control of their lives in some fashion or either, be it a group of bad-ass girls that adventure and learn more about themselves in Rat Queens or be it a girl who decides to take her life into her own hands such as in A Madness So Discreet (I Will Review That One Because I Love It!!!). A lot of the books I read, I would like to think are about people taking back their lives from being controlled by others, be it other people, other ideas that are not your own, or even back from yourself and your busy life.

I’ve also started reading comics again, and I had forgotten how much I love reading comics. I’ve gotten back into Fables, a comic series about the retelling of popular fairy tales that we’ve all grown up with. I’ve also started up reading Fairest which is an offshoot of Fables, a series that deals with the fairest of all fairy tales. I’ve also started reading the reboot(?) of Scooby Doo and dealing with the apocalypse and I love this version of it! I want to own it!

Anyway, as we now move into June and my last semester of my Master’s degree, I may slow down my reading a little, but most likely not by much because, come on, it’s me; I READ! I hope you all enjoy these reviews. I also hope that you’re finding new things to read.

Until next time, keep reading!

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