Tiny Navajo Listens: The Sable Quean


April 23, 2018 by TinyNavajo

The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques

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the sable queanWhile I am truly a fan of Redwall books, especially the audiobooks, this wasn’t as entertaining for me. That’s okay though, not every book will be a slam dunk; now, onto the review!

The Sable Quean takes place in Mossflower, but we first meet up with Blade Master Buckler at Salamandastron, home to the Badger Lords and the Long Patrol. Buckler expresses his restlessness to Lord Brang Forgefire, and is sent on an adventure to take some new bell-pull ropes to Redwall Abbey. As Buckler and his friend start on their way to Redwall Abbey, they realize that there is something wrong happening in Mossflower woods. Little ones are going missing, vanishing into thin air.

At Redwall Abbey, two little Dibbuns have gone missing, throwing the Abbey into a small amount of chaos as they try to figure out where the Dibbuns could have gone. As all of our characters meet up at Redwall, they do what they can to figure out who is taking their little ones and how to stop the Sable Quean from trying to take over Redwall Abbey and all of Mossflower Woods.

This…wasn’t my favorite book to listen to. I’m not bashing Brian Jacques, I’m not bashing the story, I’m not bashing anything. It…just wasn’t my favorite. And that’s okay. I still love the fact that it is a full audio cast, and that Brian Jacques is the narrator. I think this time, the story was very complicated and almost too many threads to follow, which would bring me out of the storyline that I was following.

Have you read/listen to a book that wasn’t your favorite? Did you keep listening, or did you stop and go to a different book? Comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Tiny Navajo Listens: The Sable Quean

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