Tiny Navajo Reads: A Natural History of Dragons


April 13, 2018 by TinyNavajo

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

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a natural history of dragonsOh. My. Gosh! Dragons?! Adventures?! So, much Victorian etiquette? Sign me up and let me just jump right into the books, thank you!

Lady Isabella Trent is in her sunset years, years full of adventure and dragons, and she’s decided that it was high time she write her memoirs of how she came to be the lady that she is today, the more preeminent dragon naturalist in all the world. It starts when she was a little girl, wanting to study the things that fly, all because of a wishbone. The more she studies natural history, she comes to discover that dragons are greatest flying things to ever grace the earth.

As with most young girls in this type of society, Isabella’s mother gets her ready for her Season, in which she needs to find a husband. Due to her father’s love, and her brother’s interference, her father has done some research into lords who would be willing to let their wife also use their libraries. One of the names on her list is one Jacob Camherst, a man that will not only let Isabella use his library, but he also shares her interest in dragons.

Isabella does what she does best and that is to find a way for her to get closer to dragons. In doing so, she finds a way to get herself and her husband Jacob attached to an expedition that is going to Vrystana to study rock wyrms, dragons native to the area. While in Vrystana, Isabella discovers that there is so much about dragons, dragon life in general, that the scientific community does not know. But while Isabella, Jacob, Lord Hilford and his assistant discover that there may be a way to preserve dragon bone, which would make it stronger and more durable than steel itself.

In order to protect the dragons from going extinct in people’s desire, Isabella and Jacob end up destroying the lab where the preservation process is going on, but this leads to the dire consequences, consequences that Isabella didn’t expect or see and it nearly destroys her. But these are her memoirs, so, things have to get better right?

I love these books, and I haven’t read the lastest, so I decided it was high time to start a reread in order to get to the last book. I love Isabella, she is tenacious, she is bright, she is fierce, and she is willing to go against social conventions in order to do what she wants to do, study dragons. She does make mistakes and goes through tragedies, but she still continues forward. I LOVE HER!!

Okay, what books have you decided to reread in order to read the next book? Did you enjoy them as much as you remembered? Comment below and let me know!

7 thoughts on “Tiny Navajo Reads: A Natural History of Dragons

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