Tiny Navajo Reads: The Letter


March 28, 2018 by TinyNavajo

The Letter by Kathryn Hughes

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the letterAn interesting book that deals not only with abuse but with finding the one you truly love and forgiving the past. I’ll give you this, the only reason I had this book in the first place was that it seemed to center around a letter. And it does, but not in the way that I expected it too.

Tiny Craig works all hours of the day in order to save up money and volunteers her Saturdays to work at a charity shop in order to stay out of the way of her abusive husband. She wishes to get away and does all that she can in order to do so. One day while working at the charity shop, she finds a letter, an old letter from WWII. Seeing that it wasn’t ever sent off, Tina gets curious and opens the letter. Inside, she finds a beautifully written letter from a soldier that expresses his sorrow and apology for the way he acted the day previous. But seeing at the letter was never posted, and all she has is the address and name, Tina decides to try and get the letter to whoever it was supposed to be for.

As she works trying to figure out who the letter was meant for, Tina also struggles to live on her own, having left her husband. But as learns something that scares her just a bit, she sees that her husband seems to have gotten better, he hasn’t had any drink and he seems to be genuine about wanting to do what is needed to get her back with him. When she does move back in with her, against all her friends’ warnings and she learns that he hadn’t truly changed. Things come to a head the night her husband finds the letter and flies into a rage.

As we move forward about a year, we are now in America where a young man is getting ready to travel back to Ireland in order to find his birth mother, to know his history. As he does, he runs into Tina, still working to find out who the letter belongs to. And in doing so, they decide to follow their clues together in order to find the recipient of her letter and his birth mother.

This book was such a rollercoaster, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. I enjoyed reading it, and I enjoyed seeing how nearly all of the characters got what they needed, or at least got the closure they needed, if not the actual ending they wished. I also loved how it was a simple letter that brought so many people together. That is generally what I love about letters, how the simple act of putting pen to paper and writing to a friend who you may never meet can bring you together in many ways.

Have you ever written a letter? Have you ever read a book about letters? If so, comment below and let me know!

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