Tiny Navajo Listens: The Night Circus


March 16, 2018 by TinyNavajo

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, read by Jim Dale

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

the night circusI absolutely LOVE this book! I love the audio for it even more. This is about my third or fourth time reading/listening to The Night Circus and I love it!

The circus arrives without warning. And it’s a circus unlike any other before. Instead of being a single tent with three rings, it is a circus full of multiple tents, each with their own attraction. And it is only open at night. The reason for this circus because there is a competition, a competition like none other; a competition that has gone for a very long time between two very different people. They seek to play through others each round, but they play to see whose method to magic is better.

Celia Bowen is considered a natural talent by her father, Hector Bowen, who teaches her how to rely only on herself for her magic and her abilities. Marco Alisdair, an orphan who is adopted by “Alexander,” is taught charms and spells, writings and symbols for his magic. The two know that they are meant for a competition, but nothing else when they are thrown together. Marco knows who Celia is, but Celia has no idea who Marco is. Once the circus starts up, the competition begins and tents full of magic and wonder pop up.

As more and more tents appear, and the longer the circus runs, Celia and Marco start to fall headlong in love, the tents start to become more than attractions, they become declarations of love between the two. And the longer the circus runs, with no end of the competition in sight, the harder it becomes for Celia and Marco to keep going, to keep the competition going. Their lives are no longer the only ones that are affected by the competition at this point, the lives of all those who love the circus, who live in the circus, and those who just see the circus once, are affected.

I just love this book! I lovelovelove this book! I love the writing, I love the narration, I love the setting and the magic and the circus itself. I quite honestly wish I could live in this book and go to this circus. It sounds absolutely amazing, and I love the way it’s described and I love the magic!

The narration is also one of my favorites. Jim Dale, the narrator for the American version of Harry Potter does amazing with this. I love the way he pulls you in, the inflections of voice and the different voices he assigns to everyone. Yes, it is one person talking, but he is able to change his voice in such a way for EVERYONE,  that you start to forget that there is only one person narrating. For me, that’s when you know you have an excellent narrator when you forget there is one person doing the narration.

What audiobook pulls you in? Why did it pull you in? Comment below and let me know!

12 thoughts on “Tiny Navajo Listens: The Night Circus

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