Tiny Navajo Reads: A Darker Shade of Magic

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February 28, 2018 by TinyNavajo

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

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a darker shade of magicMagic? Check. London? Check. Dimension traveling? Double and triple check! I love this book, and I had heard a lot of it before I read it, but reading it is so much better than what everyone was talking about! Oh, my goodness! So much better!

Have you ever wanted to travel to the exact same city you live in, but in a different dimension? Well, in this book, a select few people, two to be exact, are able to travel to their sister cities in different dimensions. These people are called Antari; they have a unique ability to use magic easily. Officially Kell, an Antari who is raised in Red London, his home, where magic is still common, is the Ambassador from the Maresh Empire to the White London, and Grey London. Unofficially, he is a smuggler of small items for those that wish to have a small taste of a world they would never be able to visit otherwise.

Trouble starts to for Kell when he smuggles something back to Red London that he should have never taken, something that should not exist. As he struggles to make his way away from Red London, he is attacked. He makes his way to Grey London to lose those that are following him, Kell runs into Delilah Bard, a pickpocket with dreams of owning her own ship. Things get even more complicated as she steals from him the item that got him into trouble in the first place. As things start to unravel even further, Kell realizes that the only way to stop things from dissolving further is to take the item back to its London, a London that has been lost to time and magic, Black London.

I absolutely loved this book and the two main characters, Kell and Lila, and their interactions with each other. Kell, who never really had to worry about what to eat or what to do but doesn’t know his past, and Lila, who wishes to own a ship and not depend on anyone for anything. Their friendship starts off roughly, with her stealing from him and then him essentially tying her to her bedroom wall, they make it work despite their differences. And I love that Lila makes it very clear that she wants this adventure, despite the fact that she may lose her life, but it is her life and her decision what she gets to do with it. I just love everything about this book and I can’t wait to read the next one!

What characters have left an impression on you? Comment below and let me know!

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