Tiny Navajo Listens: Eulalia!


February 21, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Eulalia! by Brian Jacques

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I love the Redwall audiobooks and I have a select few that I listen to once or twice a year. This is my first new Redwall audiobook in a few years, and I’m glad to have gotten it!

Eulalia! is about a young badger, a hedgehog thief, and a pirate captain. Lord Asheye, the current Lord of Salamandastron knows that he’s getting on in years and that there will soon need to be a new badger Lord. Lord Asheye has a prophecy that the soon to be appointed Lord of Salamandastron will come, but only after he has proven himself in battle. Unbeknownst to Lord Asheye, the young badger lord, Gorath has been captured by Captain Vizka Longtooth, a fox captain who wishes to capture Redwall.

As we follow Gorath through his trials, we see that it’s going to be a long and hard trial for not only Gorath but his friend, the hedgehog thief from Redwall, Orkwill Prink. Orkwill was banished from Redwall Abbey for a season for “borrowing” items from others at the Abbey that were not his. As Orkwill makes his way through Mossflower Woods, he’s captured by the pirates, set on making their way to Redwall Abbey. It’s on the pirate ship that Gorath and Orkwill meet that they escape, making their way to Redwall to make preparations for the pirates.

Throughout this book, you get good guys and bad guys, pirates and a boxing hare, brown rats and otters. You see the power of the bloodwrath, the power of faith, and how all things lead to one destiny.

I love Redwall and I love the full cast audio recording. I have always loved Brian Jacques, and his writing, so to be able to hear his world come to life in his own voice is even better. What sorts of audiobooks do you like? What kinds of narrators do you like to listen to? Comment below and let me know!

One thought on “Tiny Navajo Listens: Eulalia!

  1. […] challenge. One of my books was an audiobook, one that I haven’t listened to ever called Eulalia!, so it was good to get some new material in. Especially as it was a Brian Jacques book, I love the […]


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