Tiny Navajo Reads: Night Study

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February 5, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Night Study by Maria V. Snyder

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night study

In this book the second of the Soulfinder series, and fifth in the Study series, we see just how badly Yelena is suffering without her magic, especially as neither Sitia or Ixia is safe for her or the baby now. As war threatens their countries, Yelena and Valek try to not only stop the war but figure out who is behind it and why they could possibly think a war was a good idea.

As Yelena tries to figure out how to work without her magic, which loss she has successfully hidden from friends and family thus far, relying now on past skills and instincts, Valek does all that he can to remain by her side, determined to protect her and their child. As they make their way north to Ixia, Valek learns that there is even more trouble brewing with the Commander and what’s he’s hiding.

While in Ixia, Valek and Yelena learn that those they thought dead or incarcerated are alive and kicking and working to destroy all that Yelena and Valek love. Valek also learns that the Commander is hiding information that could potentially put all in danger. Valek learns that the Commander believes his loyalty is divided between himself and Yelena, his heartmate. As Valek tries to balance his duties to the Commander and his duties to his heartmate, he learns that just maybe his loyalties have shifted.

As the Commander demands that Valek takes care of some problems in a coastal town, we learn more about Valek and his past than we have in any other book. We have had some hints here and there, but this is the book where we find out more about his family. It’s interesting to see where Valek came from and how he was started on his path to work with for the Commander.

What do you think of this series so far? Comment below and let me know!

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