Tiny Navajo Reads: Poison Study


January 3, 2018 by TinyNavajo

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

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poison studyThe first in a series for me that I’ve read before, but I’m starting to reread again. I had forgotten how much I love her style of writing and her style of magic. In this first book, we are introduced to a world where a military regime has taken over from the previous monarchy of greed and corruption. In doing so, they have set up a strict regime. There are rigorous punishments set out to fit the crime committed. In the case of Yelena, she murdered the son General Brazell, whose son she murdered.

As the time for her execution comes, Yelena is offered a chance at life, if she offers to become the Commander’s food taster. She takes it, grasping desperately at any chance of survival. While she now has more days than she had, she now has to worry about being poisoned and dying, as well as dying from a slow death of Butterfly’s Dust, given to her by the Commander’s head of security. By appearing each day for the antidote for the Butterfly’s Dust, she lives another day.

Problems start to arise though, as a rogue magician from the southern country starts to wreck havoc, rebels seeking to seize control of the regime, and Yelena starts to develop magic, something that is illegal in her country. Yelena struggles to gain control of her power, stay alive with her job as the food taster, and just not die. She learns her job, she focuses on controlling her magic and figuring out how to NOT DIE. But as things start to come to a head, Yelena figures out that not everything in her life can be easily sorted into dying and not dying, living and not living, as she thought it would be.

What series have you decided to reread this year? Why are you rereading it? Comment below and let me know!

7 thoughts on “Tiny Navajo Reads: Poison Study

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  7. […] in January because I’ve been wanting to reread this series for a LONG time. It was the Study series by Maria V. Snyder that starts with Poison Study and ends with Dawn Study. It was much longer than […]


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