Goodreads Challenge 2017 Wrap Up

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December 30, 2017 by TinyNavajo

Yep, it’s that time of year. Well, my first time posting this as this is the first time I’ve finished a Goodreads Challenge on this blog, as this is my first year on this blog. Anyway, if any of you follow my Goodreads page, you’ll know that I had set myself a challenge of reading 130 books this year.

I read and surpassed my goal of 130 books by 41 books. I read 171 books, hopefully 172 books by the end of today. I’m close to being done with a book about letter writing right now, so we’ll see what happens by the end of the

I honestly didn’t expect to surpass my goal, I thought that I would be scrambling to find books to read to meet my challenge at the end of the year. I can say though that a lot of my reading came from my library school classes; I’m focusing on youth services, so two of the classes I took these past two semesters required that I read graphic novels and a lot of YA books. These all helped me go above and beyond my goal! So, yay!

That leaves me a question for this next year though: what should my reading goal for 2018 be? I’m already doing the Beat the Backlist 2018 challenge from NovelKnight. That’s about 25 books as of right now. I know that I’ll be able to read all of that already. I’m raring to go actually! Just a few more days till I can start that challenge! But, my general Goodreads challenge, how many books should I read? Should I go for a large goal again? Or should I scale back and focus more on the Beat the Backlist challenge?

Please comment below and let me know what you guys think I should do. And what your favorite book/books to read this year?

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