Tiny Navajo Reads: Oathbringer

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December 1, 2017 by TinyNavajo

Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

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oathbringerAnother amazing book by Brandon Sanderson to take place in the Cosmere and in Roshar specifically as Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar all try to figure out what to do now that they have not only unlocked the Oathgate to Urithiru but have made their way there in the aftermath of the Everstorm unleashed by the Parshendi at the end of Words of Radiance.

In this next epic of an epic fantasy series, we see how things are going through Dalinar’s eyes. We learn why he has parts of his memory missing as well as how this affects who he is and how he can reconcile his past with his present. He must do all of this while also trying to bring together all the nations of Roshar while battling his bloody past not only as a weapon his brother, Gavilar, deployed again the princedoms of Alethkar, but as what others would call a monster.

As the Everstorm sweeps around the world, causing death and destruction where ever it touches, waking the Parshmen from their millennia-long enslavement, Kaladin Stormblessed struggles to come to terms that the anger the Parshmen have towards those that enslaved them might be totally justified. While he himself has been enslaved, he has never been enslaved as the Parshmen have, but he knows a little bit of what they feel now. But trying to figure out how to not only protect those he has sworn to protect but to protect those that are only trying to protect themselves, Kaladin realizes that he and others like him may have more in common with the Parshmen then he originally thought. And that troubles him.

Back in Urithiru, Shallan is starting to shatter and divide herself between her true self and the two selves she’s created to help her sort through the mess she has gotten herself into, now that she’s let herself know the truth about herself and what happened to her mother so long ago. As she, Veil, and Radiant struggle for control, Shallan studies and looks into the background of the famed Knights Radiant, and the darkness that surrounds their past. Shallan also discovers more about herself, and how far she has come since she follows Jasnah to Karbranth to be her ward. She is both stronger, yet smaller since then. Shallan seeks to not only find herself in this new order of Knights Dalinar refounds but who she truly is, not divided between herself.

As all three of our main characters seek to continue forward doing what they believe they must do, we see that not only is there some things that they should never know, but that there are also things that they couldn’t have seen coming. As politics, gods, spren, and everyone else seeks to push forward their own agenda, Dalinar, Kaladin, and Shallan learn that sometimes, you need someone else to help you.

This series has not only gotten better and better with each book that Brandon Sanderson comes out with, but you can see the characters live and develop as true people. These are not flat characters, but well-rounded and sometimes extremely annoying. You can see them grow and come more into themselves, especially now that war is coming upon them and some other unfortunate information has dropped on them. But as these characters struggle, we can see what makes them so special and makes us want to cheer them on in all that they do. Well, almost all that they do. I was split on a decision that Shallan made, but that’s what’s so amazing about these characters! You can see them as real people, not just characters.

What book series has totally grabbed you and not let go? Why did it grab you? Comment below and let me know!

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