Tiny Navajo Reads: Words of Radiance


November 24, 2017 by TinyNavajo

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

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words of radianceThis amazing sequel has not only built on the world-building of Roshar but has expanded and strengthened all of it! And just letting you know now, I was listening to the audiobook, but I finally had to switch to reading it myself in order to catch up with a coworker. He’s been dying for me to finish this one and start Oathbringer so we can talk about what’s going on in that one. Now, onto the review!

The sequel to The Way of KingsWords of Radiance starts where we left off, with Kaladin and Bridge Four now assigned to be bodyguards not only to Dalinar Kholin but the King of Alethkar as well, a position unheard of for a dark-eyed man. Dalinar Kholin has taken the position of Highprince of War and has now taken charge of the war camps. And Shallan Davar has not only stolen from Jasnah Kholin but has discovered that the things she’s been seeing in her drawings are a type of spren and she is able to use them to Soulcast, something only thought to be done with a type of fabrial. All of our main characters are starting to converge on the Shattered Plains, and things are starting to come to a head.

There is just so much in these books that it’s hard to condense all that has happened. All I can say is that the characters show genuine growth. Kaladin becomes the head of the Royal Guard, Shallan gets herself to the Shattered Plains and integrated with light-eyed society and Dalinar has taken nearly all control of the war camps on the Shattered Plains. They are all struggling to make sense of either their newfound powers and abilities, as Kaladin and Shallan do, or how to unite all of Roshar in the face of something terrible that is coming as Dalinar is doing. As they all figure out who they are, what they are, and what this actually means to them, Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar figure out what they are looking for in one way or another is in the middle of the Shattered Plains. In the middle of the Shattered Plains is the Parshendi. The Parshendi decide that they can no longer linger and fight over the gemhearts. They have to do something drastic in order to ensure the survival of their people. But how drastic is drastic, and what would this mean for the Alethi and the war they are fighting.

I know that my review most likely doesn’t make a lot of sense, but have you seen just how HUGE these books are?! I have trouble reviewing books of normal size, try reviewing this huge book and pulling the important bits out. But I do know that this book was extremely well written. It doen’t fall down or slow down as many sequels do, if anything it takes what was given in the first book and strengthens it even further. We learn more about the powers that Kaladin expresses, the powers that Shallan starts to manifest and practice, and we learn more about the visions that Dalinar has been receiving. All of this information and more expands this world and makes it a fully fleshed world. If you’re looking for your next epic fantasy and a world full of imaginative magic systems, then you need to pick up these books!

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  1. […] Another amazing book by Brandon Sanderson to take place in the Cosmere and in Roshar specifically as Kaladin, Shallan, and Dalinar all try to figure out what to do now that they have not only unlocked the Oathgate to Urithiru but have made their way there in the aftermath of the Everstorm unleashed by the Parshendi at the end of Words of Radiance. […]


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