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August 30, 2017 by TinyNavajo

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

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everything everythingOh. My. Gosh! So. Much. Fluff!

Anyway, Everything Everything was not a book that I expect to like as much as I did. Granted, I expected to like it,  but I like it so much more. Madeline Whittier is allergic to everything outside of her house. She is friends with her mother, her nurse, and her books. There is no one she knows in person, outside of her home. She knows nothing about the outside world. Then one day, she notices that a family moves in next door, and she becomes fascinated by them; especially the boy name Olly. As she gets to know them in the only way she does, watching their movements, Olly writes his IM address and Madeline’s world expands. She’s still protected from the outside world, but the outside world seeks to come inside.

As Madeline and Olly get to know each other, Madeline realizes that while she is alive and protected inside her home, she is not alive. She is surviving, not living. The more she is exposed to Olly and the literal breath of fresh air he brings into her life, she realizes that she wants to live, and she wants Olly to be the one to show her how to live.

I love the characters Madeline and Olly so much! There was so much more about than teenage love, but it was about learning who you are and how you find out who you are. Madeline learns a lot about life not just from Olly, but from her nurse, who has a daughter Madeline’s age at home. Madeline not only wrote her life, she drew and documented her life as well, making her narrative jump out on the pages of the book more often.

What is your favorite contemporary Young Adult book? Why do you like it? Comment below and let me know!

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