Tiny Navajo Reads: We Stand on Guard

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June 30, 2017 by TinyNavajo

We Stand on Guard by Brian K. Vaughan

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we stand on guardMost people think of comics as the land of fantastic heroes and noble causes. This is not the case with We Stand on Guard. This is a comic about “what if” America and Canada came to odds. What would happen? We find out through the eyes of Amber Roos, a girl who’s mother and father was killed in the initial attack on Ontario, and has been on the run with her brother for 12 years. With her brother captured, Amber is on her own and she runs into the 2-4 Squad, a group of intrepid civilian Canadians who seek to run the Americans out of their country.

Unlike others, this is all there is. Though a short story, it is an impactful one that shows that the killing of someone’s parents doesn’t always make that person into a hero; sometimes, it’s the little push they need to become the bomb that will push others back.

What do you think would happen in a hundred years? Would we as Americans become so desperate as to invade our neighbors to the North? Or would we go some other route to save ourselves? Or is there still too much that we don’t know about the future to even be sure?

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