Tiny Navajo Reads: Through the Woods

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May 28, 2017 by TinyNavajo

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

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Oh goodness…if there was ever a book that would makethrough the woods me not want to go into the forest again, this is that book. The stories told in this book, in their minimalist style and bold colors, make me shiver and wonder what is actually in the dark. That is what I loved most about these particular stories, was that they played on our inherited fear of the dark. No matter the age, the religion, the culture, anything, all humans have an innate fear of the dark and the monsters that it holds. And not only did these stories play off of that fear, they did so in bright colors, believable context, and an originality that makes you wonder. The fear of something that we cannot see, that we cannot comprehend, is the worst kind of fear. In most of the stories, it was the fear of the unknown that made things worse. But once the thing or monster was seen, the majority of the characters were able to fight back, or at least acknowledge that they had a fear.

I would never have thought of making a “scary” story using bright primary colors though. It worked for A Lady’s Hands are Cold, one of the more intriguing stories in the book. You would think a story about murder and deceit would be dark, not a bright, eye-searing red or yellow. This story is scarier all the more for it though. It shows that there is something to be scared of when it isn’t dark, when you can see what might be the monster. And it hides our own fears in the daylight hours.

What are things that make go “bump in the night” that you don’t want to meet? Or if it doesn’t go bump in the night, what are you afraid of?

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